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Kumrat Valley …. ! The Hidden Paradise.


Kumrat valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan, but this valley is hidden form the world. So my struggle is to show this Hidden paradise The Dir kohistan is the most beautiful area of pakistan. It contain many beautiful areas as Jehaz Banda, Badgoyi , Shabanal and Kumrat valley. These Paradise are hidden form the whole world and no one know about these areas.My Aim is to Show these paradise to the rest of world.

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KUMRAT VALLEY is situated in District Upper Dir KPK Pakistan & adjacent to Swat Valley and Chital Kalash Valley. Kumrat Valley and Swat Kohistan are connected via BADGOYE Pass, while Kalash Valley are connected to Kashken Top. The Badgoye Top is also a Picnic Spot and containing Outsized and Lime Parklands and a Jeep track are used to travel between UTROR and Thall


KUMRAT VALLEY is very less explored due to many reasons as bad road condition, lack of basic facilities and disinterest of Govt and Political Leaders. There is Lush Green with many Meadows & full of trees in whole valley. The Kumrat Valley is last border of Dir Kohistan. Dir Kohistan comprised of six villages’ i-e Patrak, Biyar ,Barkikot ,Kalkot ,Lamoti and Thall . The Language of the people is “GAWRI” and a little bit people speak in Pashto and Gujri. The villages of Dir Kohistan also have names in Gawri Languages as “RAJKOT” for Patrak , “JAR” for Biyar and ”PEOD” for Barikot. Main River of the valley is River “PANJKORA” which flows throughout the valley and then joined the Indus River in Hazro.


How to Reach to KUMRAT VALLEY ??????

Many tourist visit KUMRAT VALLEY every year in months of April to September and spend their days and night in peaceful and healthy environment. The only problem tourist face there is lack of hotels and bed condition of roads towards the valley. Even though the road are not able for car to drive, but many tourist reach KUMRAT VALLEY through jeeps and other vehicles.

To visit the most beautiful valley of Pakistan, you should to reach the Sweet Water DIR UPPER through DIR CHITRAL Road. In Sweet Water you have to turn right and from here you have to reach SHARINGAL, a small town where SHAHEED BENAZIR BUTTHO UNIVERISTY (SBBU) is located After that you should pass from many small villages AS PATRAK, BIYAR, BARIKOT, KALKOT etc.

After KALKOT the most beautiful area of Thall are started and traveling 1 to 2 kilometer you will reach to THALL, the head quarter of KUMRAT VALLEY. In Thall you can purchase necessary items like food, cool drinks, etc because there is no bazar onward thall bazar. After crossing Thall bazar the green valley started and ever green view of KUMRAT VALLEY can see as long as you travel ahead The valley is so beautiful that once you visited never be forgotten


Article by Taimur Islam Khan

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    very good my sweet brother

  • I visted this place many times..!! Luxh green grass…. point of junction of two rivers at patrak….. nd the electricity generator in the way of kumraat……. oh..!! How I forgot trott fish..

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