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Pakistan and Eid Moon, Read special Article
Mufti Muneeb v.s Popalzai

Mufti Muneeb v.s Mufti Popalzai

Pakistan has to suffer once again. Mufti Popalzai’s Eid Over, Mufti Muneeb announced today to celebrate eid tomorrow.

Mufti Popalzai had announced yesterday that Eid moon has sighted and they will celebrate eid.

According to details, Popalzai headed the meeting of an informal session of moon sighting where several clerics participated at Masjid Qasim Ali Khan. He claimed that he received sufficient testimonies in this regard from various parts of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa including Peshawar, Khyber Agency, Kark, Hangu, Sara-e- Norang, Laki Marwat, Bannu and Sawabi.

While Ruet-i-Hilal Committee, the main official body tasked for sighting of the moon in Pakistan, was scheduled to meet today, sighted moon today and Eid-ul-Fitr in Pakistan will be officially celebrated tomorrow.

Mufti Popalzai is always trying to divide nation specially on these special religious occasions. He only has problem with Ramadan and Shawaal Moon, rest of the year he is okay with the government official body Ruet i Hilal Committee’s decision regarding moon. If Mufti Popalzai is taking responsibility of Ramadan and Shawaal Moon, then why he don’t call meeting every month for moon sighting.

Officials from Ministry of Religious Affairs had also offered Mufti Popalzai to join Central Ruet i Hilal Committee, to ensure Religious harmony and national unity but he declined for the reasons best known to him.

Mufti Popalzai actually want publicity, therefore he is using this tool for his popularity, while damaging Pakistan’s national unity.

Mufti Popalzai said that they always sent their reports to Central Moon sighting Committee, but Mufti Muneeb never gave importance to their testimonies.

Who is responsible ?


Mufti Muneeb or Mufti Popalzai ?

Govt has to take this issue seriously and action should be taken against the responsible. 

While talking to people from Peshawar, We also questioned them that why they are following Mufti Popalzai, although there exists official State’s body for moon sighting.

One of our reader (Muhammad Saad) from Nowshera said,

I am Pakistan Army’s employee, currently in Nowshera. Basically, I belong to Mansehra, today i am travelling from Nowshera to Mansehra to celebrate Eid at my village, i-e, from one part of province to other part, and i am amazed about the situation, one part of province is celebrating eid while other is observing fast”


Author : Mirza Usman Farooq

         Joint-CEO Indepth Pakistan

  • It is actually muneeb ur rehman devides the nation for ransom of money. The same drama is every year why they do not come to peshawar to see it themselves.

  • It is very back many years ago that Late Moulana Hasan Jan, a renowned scholar from Kpk left R committee because they were not accepting wittnesses from kpk. While it known to whole country that mufti muneeb is baralivi sect and it is his source for high income paid for delaying chand raat so that business men can earn more.

  • Your language show what kind of personality you have yourself for using such word for a religious scholer, sham on you.

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