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15 Most spectacular National Parks of Pakistan

1.Hingol national park:


Hingol is the largest national park of Pakistan, located in Balochistan near the Makran coast. This coastal semi desert treasure of nature is rich in topographical features and the wild life habitat.


2.Chinji national park:


Based in Chakwal district, Chinji national park is distinctive for its sandstones, deposits of rock salt and the deep torrential streams and ravines slope into the Soan River.


3.Ayubia national park:


Being named after the second president of Pakistan this heavenly spot is sited in the heart of Murree hills. It will hold your gaze completely with its scenic lake view, mountainous cable car, an open air garden-restaurant and the fascinating Jungle kingdom.


4.Hazarganji chiltan national park:


For Hazarganji Legend says it has over a thousand hidden treasures buried in it. This striking national park is located 20km from Quetta in amidst of Suleiman Mountains-endowed with the unique flora habitat of pashtun juniper and ash trees along with the rare breeds of markhor and wild goat.

5.Deosai national park:


Deosai literally translates to the land of giants. This awe-striking tourist attraction is located in Skardu at the confluence of Deosai-Sheosar Lake.


6.Lulu – Sar Dudipatsar National Park:


This alluring National Park is located in the Kaghan valley where the beauty of pleasing Dudipatsar Lake and Lulusar Lake can be observed.


7.Margalla hills national park:


Margalla hills national park will spell- bind you with the glimpse of Himalayas in Northern Pakistan from the views of hotels in Islamabad.


8.Kirthar national park:


Recognized by United Nations Kirthar is Pakistan’s second largest national park located in Kirthar Range Mountains in Karachi and Jamshoro. It is a wild life sanctuary and an ideal camping spot.


9.Machiara national park:



Machiara national park is home for all those glorious views of Neelum valley Located in Azad Kashmir.


10.Saif ul Muluk national park:


Established in 2003 Saiful Muluk in Naran Valley, has a beautiful park . It opts to attract tourist with the scenic Lake Saif ul Muluk and peculiar flora that includes alpine shrubs, perennials, and Himalayan herbs.


11.Lal suhnera national park:


This park is sited near the Bahwalpur district of Punjab and spreads over 153000 acres of the land. Lal suhnera is enormous includes a great land diversity in the form of desert, forest and water.


12.Khunjerab National Park:


This park is located in Gilgit- Baltistan along the Karakorum highway near the Kunjrab pass. It’s the third largest park in Pakistan that was established primarily as a means to protect the endangered Marco Polo sheep, snow leopards and Bharal living in the area.


13.Chitral gol National Park :


Chitral Gol is absolutely astonishing located in Chitral District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. This panoramic beauty is surrounded by Snow -Cladded Mountains, pine forestry, lush green meadows and glistening clear stream.


14.Broghil National Park:


This park is located in the northern most valley of Chitral district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Nature has conferred the area by mountainous tracts, Karamber Lake, wide stretch grassy plains and narrow valleys.


15.Panjal mastan national park


The Panjal Mastan National Park is located at one of the highest plateaus in the Bagh District of Azad-Kashmir. A variety of rare animal species can be found in Panjal, including the leopard, which inhabits the neighboring Galiyat region.


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