Jan 14, 2016 | by Minahil
Unique places in the world to explore

Pancake rocks

Pancake rocks are located on in New Zealand and started forming about 30 million years ago. Their formation took place as layers of sandstone and limestone gathered on the ocean floor on top of one another. These rocks resemble heaps of pancakes.

Dean’s Blue Hole

This is the deepest blue hole out of many blue holes present in the world. Located in the Bahamas, it is 600 feet deep and contains fresh or mixed water extending below sea level. They are known by the given name as they are seen as a vivacious blue colored deep hole from the above.

Pink Lake

Yes, there is a natural lake situated in Western Australia that is pink in color. The water takes this color due to the algae, producing chemicals that give out the distinctive color. It is not a fresh water, but a saltwater lake with the salinity levels being too high. You are allowed to swim in this lake as it is not harmful.


Pamukkale is a town in Turkey that has a hill covered with fluffy looking mineral deposits that give it a white
appearance and cotton like texture. The name Pamukkale means ‘Cotton castle’. It looks like a sheet of snow, but the weather is hot there.

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