Jan 22, 2016 | by Minahil
Protection from cold and flu

Winters have finally hit Pakistan almost entirely, even cities as hot and humid as Karachi are now cold. As much as we love winter and enjoy it, the change of weather brings along diseases like flu. These are minor illnesses but bother the ones who get the flu virus.

This article will tell you some of the steps that could be taken to avoid cold and flu during the chilly weather in Pakistan . Keep scrolling down to know them.

  1. Get a humidifier-the flu virus thrives in dry air environments
  2. Keep moving- people who exercise get colds less often than the ones who don’t
  3. Eat a healthy diet- cutting back on calories can make you more vulnerable to the flu
  4. Get enough sleep- less than 7 hours a night triples your chance of a cold
  5. Wash your hands- old fashioned soap and water can kill germs that make you sick
  6. Get a flu shot- even if you do get the flu, the shot can lessen the symptoms

These tips will help you survive the cold weather until it lasts. You cannot avoid such viruses that roam around in the air 100% but can surely protect yourself by taking preventive steps and protecting yourself as well as your family.

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