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PM Nawaz Sharif allocated funds for renovation of Governor House, Murree

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered renovation of Governor’s House Murree which will cost Rs. 430 million

According to details, the federal government has made the decision to renovate the Murree House in the pretext of SAARC conference for which millions of rupees will be spent.

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek i Insaaf said that sharif family is wasting public money on their personal house in Murree.

Maryam Nawaz was quick to respond on Twitter and defended her father’s name, clarifying that it was government property and not the personal house of the Sharif family.

Later on, Prime Minister house spokesperson also reject the claim of Chairman PTI, In a statement issued on Sunday, PM House spokesman said that government had allocated funds for renovation and decoration of Governor House Murree, which is the property of government and a historical building.

He said that the renovation was aimed at protecting the historical building only and PM Nawaz during his recent tenure never stayed a single day in the building neither visited it.

The PM House spokesperson said that baseless allegations were levelled against government to impede the renovation of historical buildings which was the need of the hour.

The issue didn’t settle on social media as Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid also issued a scathing statement in this regard and said the PTI chief was “hostage to his habit of telling lies”.

The minister went on to lambast Khan to a “lies manufacturing factory”, adding that “the PTI chief could not live without lying in his daily routine”.

The Governor House in Murree, which is being renovated, is not a private residence, Rashid said. “The PTI chairman should be ashamed of his baseless allegation in this regard.”

“Imran Khan has recently returned from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah, however, it is regrettable that he has still not abandoned his bad habits,” the information minister maintained.

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