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Explore How To Learn More On Travel Hack Making Your Exciting Trips Affordable

The global travel and tourism industry contributed up to 7.6 trillion US dollars in 2014. Isn’t it amazing?

Traveling has been the first love for many. Unfortunately, the major perception about traveling is that it is expensive. Generally the perception is right. But it is wrong too.

Wondering how?

Simple! Traveling can be expensive if you planning wrong. Forexample, you plan to visit a country which outperforms your currency in value. Let us assume you live in Pakistan and plan your trip to Unites States, the exchange rate is around PKR 1 = USD 0.0095.

That means you need a good sum of money at the very first stage. How about a trip to Sri Lanka? The exchange rate is PKR 1 = 1.40 LKR. Isn’t it quite affordable?

Currency difference is not the only reason but is certainly a major reason. And you just have a wrong beginning. At least if you intend to choose an affordable trip. There are many other such factors which can affect the trip affordability.

A solution to make your trip affordable is learning “travel hacks. Wondering what are travel hacks? A simple definition of travel hacking can be to make your trip affordable or even free. It is can be done through availing points through credit cards, planning at the right time when to book flights and a lot more.

The other definition of travel hacking can be “giving your trip higher value for lesser amount spent”. Sound much better I guess!

Talking about travel hacks, the best travel hacks can be explored through three ways.

Google Search Engine
Social Media Platforms
Travel Bloggers

Let us take all these 3 ways in account.

Using Google Search Engine

Search engines have turned out to be the most influential source of information. Google is indeed the most dominating search engine globally. You can learn exciting travel hacks through Google. Let me share some interesting way to do so.

A) One simple way is to go on Google and type phrases like “travel hack tips” or “travel hack guide”. This will open up some great results.

B) The previous key phrases will help you get some good travel hack guides but you may require more specific results. For example the resulting travel hack guide might be suitable in general but inappropriate for that particular country where you intend to go.

C) Assume you are planning a trip to Pakistan. You can try searching on Google like this; “travel hacks + Pakistan” OR “travel hack Guide + Pakistan”.

D) You can further dig on city level by adding city name. The phrase will change like this “travel hacks + Karachi” OR “travel hack Guide + Karachi”. The purpose to break down your search to city level is that every city has its own dynamics. Some of the travel hacks for metro city might not be suitable for a hill station.

E) You can further do get info about saving money on booking hotels or guest houses. For example you plan to stay in a guest house in Karachi, you can try searching “guest house booking + discount + Karachi” or “discount deals on Guest houses + Karachi”. Remember adding the words “how to” will help you to explore more guides which can be helpful to learn more about getting discount deals.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are an awesome place to interact with people and learn from them. Facebook and twitter are two places where you will find lot of travel groups and profiles respectively.

The active groups and twitter profiles can be helpful.

Facebook Destination Pages and Groups

On Facebook you can join country based groups like Facebook page “Pakistan” or city based groups like “Lahore” or “Islamabad”.

Tip: Post a message on these groups to get more info about tips to save money whiles your visit. You will see plenty of people who will help you to get great ideas on saving money by commenting on the post.

Using Twitter Smartly With Hashtags

Fortunately or unfortunately Twitter doesn’t have groups or pages. This might be little tricky for many. However, you can search travelers on Twitter with help of twitter search and contact them requesting for guidance on learning more about travel hacks.

Most probably you will be directed to their already-created guides until and unless you do not have any specific questions. Another great option is you can use hashtags to attract travelers to guide you on quality resources for travel hack.

If you have any specific question, even there hashtags can be helpful to get you answered too.

In addition, you can also follow popular travel blog websites on social media platforms. Their pages get regularly updated. Question them about travel hacking with respect to specific destination. If they have ever traveled or have knowledge, they will help you.

Start Following Travel Bloggers To Learn From The Practical Knowledge

Travel bloggers have practical experiences. Even if they haven’t visited the destination you plan to, their knowledge of similar destinations or info through any peer blogger can be helpful for you.

Remember they are the best source to guide you in learning more about travel hacks and making your trip affordable. Do follow them. And do question them. Twitter has been my first preference when it comes to connecting with influencers in any niche.

Just in case you are unable to figure out how to search travel blogger influencers on twitter. Check out the Twitter advance search option to find top influencers. Type “Travel bloggers” in search bar and click on “account” on the resulting page. This will lead you to top travel bloggers. Start interacting with them.


Travel hack is an essential part of travelers today. It has proved the belief of “traveling is expensive” wrong. Smart travelers have been effectively using travel hack to make trips affordable.

You can learn travel hacks easily as there are plenty of resources. The two types of travel hacks you can learn are general travel hacks and specific destination related travel hacks. Top travel bloggers and influencers can act as guiders.

Google and social media platforms are another key resource to learn the tricks through lot of people. The more you explore the better and easier it will be for you to make your trip affordable.

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