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Tahir-ul-Qadri owns two dozen properties through offshore holdings


Tahir-ul-Qadri owns two dozen properties through offshore holdings : By our reporter

Dr Qadri’s children have control over most properties; Most of these properties are commercial; Qadri held meetings with UK and canadian foriegn office members in private before flying to Pakistan   ,

Pakistan Awami Tehree leader Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri owns around two dozens properties in London, Toronto and France owned by his family members as well through offshore companies.

Only in UK, Qadri and his sons Hasan and Hussain Mohyuddin control around 13 properties which are being used by concerns directly controlled by Dr Qadri and his family members. On East London’s Romford Road, Minhaj centre is owned by a trust controlled by Qadri and family and its current value is £8 million. 7 months ago, Barclays Bank on the corner was bought by Dr Qadri and its controlled by Hasan and Hussain and their wives. The value of this property is currently £5.8 million and Minhaj-ul-Quran plans to turn it into a residential complex of 6 luxury flats and permission has been taken from the local council. An insider said that Dr Qadri has bought the bank property through an offshore company based in Iceland to avoid paying taxes. The purpose is to turn the bank into a profitable entity.

In the first week of Ramzan when Qadri came from Canada to London to fly to Pakistan on 14 of June 2016, he finalized the purchase deal for a block of flats adjacent to Minhaj Centre. This centre has been bought in the name of Dr Qadri’s. Dr Qadri lives in London in two houses (both estimated at around £2 million) and these houses are in the name of Hasan Mohyuddin’s wife. In every major city of UK, Dr Qadri has established centre which are owned by charities and trusts controlled by his families.

Before flying to Pakistan on 14 of June 2016, Qadri met his accountants at PWC in London and discussed his three offshore companies which have been used to buy properties in France (a chteau and a mansion in a suburb of France); 3 properties in Denmark; 4 in Denmark, 1 in Belgium and 4 properties in Canada where Dr qadri permanently lives and visits Pakistan mostly during Ramzan and Eid time. Properties in Canada are owned through offshore and these include a mansion worth $6 million where Dr Qadri lives. Qadri owns a hotel in Toronto controlled by his younger son and his wife. A shopping mall in the heart of Toronto is owned through a charity linked with Minhaj and a relative of Qadri.

Minhaj insiders say that the total value of Tahir-ul-Qadri properties is estimated at around $42 million.Pakistan awami tehreek sources said that Qadri held meetings with canadian foreign office and British foreign office officials before flying to Pakistan. he held meetings in london in secrecy and only his family members were with him

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