Sep 19, 2016 | by Darakhshan
Gorakh Hill Station-A Beauty In Plain Valley

Ever wondered to discover a wonder within a wondrous land? A place marked as an odd one out and stands prominently in a vicinity having entirely different features. All this can happen in Pakistan; a country that has already been blessed with magnificent treasures of nature.

Gorakh hill Station

Out of many ravishing and eye catching wonders of nature, there is a blistering hill station that stands alone and strong in the valley of plains. At an altitude of 5,690ft in the heart of Kirthar Mountain Range, “Gorakh Hill” stands tall and beatifies the plains of Sindhwhich is 94 kilometers away from Dadu city. Also known as the Muree of Sindh, Gorakh Hill holds the honor of having the only hill station in the province of Sindh.

Gorakh Hill Road

Gorakh, which means the Wild is the name given to this magnificent hill by the 11th century saint Gorakhnath proves to be highly correct in its context. As it showcases the wildness in its features and in the pathways that leads to this wonder. It is the only place in Sindh blessed with snowfall yet not visited frequently. As the name Gorakh suggests, the pathways are so rough and wild that it takes so much courage and effort to cross this threshold but once you’re there, all the rough wildness changes into the magical beauty that needs more than a shot capture the scenes.

Gorakh Hill Scene

Likewise Muree, Gorakh can be a well developed tourists place and can serve to attract passionate travelers throughout the year to generate ample income for the government. People there are as similar as the beauty of the hills as their hospitality adds value in the pleasure of the place.

Gorakh Sindh

Exploring Gorakh is an electrifying adventure and could be a memorable experience. Gorakh hill station is like a covered treasure of Sindh that is waiting to be explored soon.


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