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ARY reporter arrested in money-laundering UK raid

By our special correspondent

ARY News executive and reporter from London Farid Qureshi has been arrested by Scotland Yard anti money-laundering unit in a sensational raid.

Operation was jointly conducted by Serious and Organised Crime Agency and Scotland Yard’s units. According to police, £125,000 were recovered from the car of ARY reporter Farid Qureshi. Another £30,000 were recovered when his house was raided by the police officers. The arrest took place on 2nd October 2016.

The raid took place when the ARY reporter was carrying “delivery of cash” from ARY’s gold shop in London to an unknown address in Birmingham.

Immediately after the arrest of Farid Qureshi, ARY’s London bureau chief Fayyaz Ghaffur left for Dubai and has not been back. Farid Qureshi remains in detention and police have written to three ARY executives for interview demanding him to come back to London. Lawyer of ARY in London said that they are trying to get bail for the channel’s reporter but the police is refusing to grant bail.

ARY’s UK lawyer Sanjay Basil said: “Police wants to interview more people before giving bail. Its because of the large amount that was seized. I can confirm that ARY office was not raided but three houses of executives were searched by anti-money laundering units. We are cooperating with the police.”

According to insider sources at the ARY, the ARY reporter was arrested after monitoring by the British police over one year.

Besides running TV channel, ARY has money-exchange business in the UK as well as gold business.

ARY’s name figured in the US government papers after the 9/11 terrorist attacks with reference to money-laundering for the terrorists purposes. ARY owner Haji Iqbal was stopped from boarding a flight to the USA in 2013 alongwith his daughter. Salman Iqbal  and others in ARY family are barred from travelling to America after the FBI papers confirmed that ARY used its facilities and gold business to launder money for Al-Qaeda terrorists.

No member of ARY’s owner family has attempted to visit the USA after 2013.

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