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These 7 Places will explain why all of Pakistan loves Lahore!

Lahore is believed to be the cultural hub of Pakistan; known both locally and internationally for its historic monuments and colourful festivals. But yet, the ongoing battle between Karachi and Lahore continually sparks up; where on one side Karachi claims to be the economic capital and on the other, Lahore takes pride in its cultural values.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or even Egypt for that matter. The attractiveness, hospitality and extremely welcoming vibe of Lahore is so infectious that it is almost impossible to not fall in love with this city.

To explain our indescribable love for Lahore more logically, sastaticket.pk has pinned down the absolute best attractions this city has to offer.

1.  Badshahi Masjid

Upon visiting this magnificent Masjid you’ll feel like you’ve travelled way back to the Mughal era. The ancient Mughal designs mixed with Islamic architecture, in the form of 3 domes resting upon it, make the whole Masjid distinctly beautiful. You absolutely have to offer congregational prayers here, especially if you’re lucky enough to be visiting during Eid!


2.  Shalimar Garden

Another example of Mughal brilliance is the gorgeous Shalimar Garden covering a total area of 80 acres, surrounded by a tall brick wall.


3.  Anarkali Market

If you have visited Pakistan before, then you’ll know that we enjoy a distinct style of shopping – Openly in local markets with stalls and street hawkers all within our each.

Sound bizarre? Trust me there’s a unique sort of charm in bargaining with shopkeepers while munching on local street food. And Anarkali Market is the best place to experience this unique adventure – Do buy some colourful bangles, handicrafts and uniquely designed shoes while you’re here.


4.  Lahore Fort – Shahi Qila

If you’re an intellectual type of person who really appreciates the significance of historic monuments, then Lahore Fort is the place for you! Archaeologist still debate over the age of this fort, that consists of royal palaces, Masjids and huge rooms.


5.  Sheesh Mahal

‘Sheesh Mahal’ translating into the ‘Mirror Palace’, is located in the western corner of the Lahore Fort. The mirror designs and intricate detailings make this building very unique and aesthetic. Once you enter, you yourself will start feeling like royalty, and I’m sure you’ve never anything that remotely resembles this type of interior before.


6.  Minar-e-Pakistan

Visit this beautiful tower as a proud Pakistani and bear remembrance to the day when it all started and the resolution that granted us our true identities was finally passed – Making the dream of Pakistan an actual reality!


7.  Wagah Border

However, to trigger the feeling of true patriotism, visit the Indo-Pak border at Wagah. Here you’ll feel the spirit of being a blessed citizen; reflecting on the unbelievable journey we’ve made from that side of the gate to this.


Be it the monuments, markets or the people, Lahore is an amazingly unique city that has so much to offer that it can’t be contained in a list, or even words. This city promises a lively welcome to all visitors and gives an insight to the cultural values of Pakistan. And very diversity is what makes this city so lovable.

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