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Jul 24, 2017 | by Minahil
Must Try Activities While Visiting the Beautiful Northern Areas in the Summer Season

It is often heard that change is the only thing that remains constant. In the case of the travel and tourism industry, this notion has been proved correct over the years. Not only a lot of travel websites such as Jovago Pakistan have emerged to provide convenience to travelers but the entire traveling experience has changed.

Gone are the days when people would just wander about a travel destination to get a taste of the local culture. People in today’s world want much more from their traveling experience. They want to try out new things in order to get out of their safety bubble.

An example of people indulging in different activities while traveling can be found in the stunning Northern areas of Pakistan. The reason behind this emerging trend is pretty simple. Travelers want to try something new in order to make new memories with their loved ones which they can later cherish upon.

If you are someone who is looking forward towards some thrill and adventure, then read along this article by the largest online hotel booking website in the country to get to know about the activities which are a must try while you are on a trip to explore the spectacular northern region of Pakistan.

  • Paragliding

Although paragliding comes under the extreme sports category, it is quite a safe sport if you can make yourself comfortable in the harness. While soaring through the sky like a bird, you can enjoy the aerial views of mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers and what not.

The northern areas of Pakistan provide perfect locations including Passu, Hunza Valley, etc. whereby people can indulge in this activity. Especially in the summer season, paragliding provides an amazing opportunity to get an aerial view of the scenic locations and to create memories that will forever remain embedded in your mind and heart.

  • River Rafting

Due to the high altitude of the mountains of the North, activities such as river rafting are gaining popularity among the youth because of the adventure and thrill that they provide. The reason behind why northern areas provide the perfect spot for water rafting and canoeing is the speed of the water which is very fast due to the high altitude. You can indulge in this particular water sport at Shogran, Hunza, Siri paye, Lalazar, and Rakaposhi.

  • Mountain biking

The mighty mountain ranges of the North are renowned in the world not only due to their height but also due to their rugged landscape. Hence, they act as a paradise for mountain bikers and cyclists. The Karakoram Highway is sacred to the bikers like any religious venue for the followers.

Enthusiasts from various parts of the world including China, Malaysia, and Australia visit these mountain ranges to indulge in this extreme sport.

Try out these activities and add some thrill to your life. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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