Sep 6, 2017 | by Minahil
Why Customer Service is Important to Grow Your Hotel Business


The hospitality industry requires utmost dedication and perseverance in terms of keeping customers always engaged. It may not seem as easy or direct when it comes to identifying the target market, as this industry focuses on a diverse set of groups when it comes to selling the idea to their targeted AND potential customers.

Many a times businesses tend to forget their customers’ needs and wants. Considering the hospitality sector of today, big brands like PC Hotels that too in a country’s metropolitan city like PC Hotel Lahore or PC Hotel Karachi; is not as simple as just having a big name, businesses need to identify how to successfully engage customers by identifying their needs and demands.

Customer may always be right, but to help them understand what they want is equally important and may be overshadowed by what is obvious!

Marketing your hotel is not as direct as it may seem, considering the current corporate sector. Customer Service goes a long way if done right. In order to get the right responses at the right time, hotels need to be aware of their competition. There needs to be constant updating of strategies if required.

Customer responses have to be persuaded. Customer service representatives need to build engagement by building trust, building profitable relationships, providing clarity to customers queries and concerns.

One common technique to document customer responses is to take their interviews and build questionnaires. If we get into the nitty-gritty these research methods have been overused in the past few years.

Now there is more focus towards providing quality to the services provided. Especially when it comes to gaining feedback, there are ample number of aspects that need to be considered first.

Responses are bound to have inconsistencies, they are not always correct or direct, the fact that this is an actual concern is that customer service representatives may not consider all factors involved in getting the right responses that too at the right time and the right place.

The environment that the interview or survey is scheduled in, whether there is noise pollution that is distracting the customer to give proper responses or the state of the customers themselves are very important factors that should be kept in consideration prior these responses being recorded.

Other than this the method of feedback acquisition can also be faulty. Recording responses should also have a screening process. Many a times what is said is not what is comprehended by the other person.

For this there are many methods such as conducting video interviews if the customer is comfortable with it or recording the audio, this method usually has more than one person judge a response and base their facts on it. This also helps in providing clarity and builds better involvement in terms of having hotel employees engage with customers and build profitable relationships.

Another advantage hotels could gain through providing better customer service experience for their potential guests and visitors is that they are able to persuade them further if required.

The concept of Cross-selling and Up-selling which focuses on persuading existing and interested customers to buy in ideas that cater to their hidden needs that they need to recognize; is unfortunately being taken for granted, as there are a lot of companies that exaggerate their services and it may disrupt the customers perception of a brand, be it a hotel brand that has to keep a stable image in front of their customers.

Focus on initiating positive word of mouth rather than having to deal with negative reviews.

From hotels like Ramada Hotel Karachi to PC Rawalpindi, no matter how big or small, customer experiences are shaped by the service they get and more importantly the ‘quality’.

Ask for your customers names, ask for what they would prefer in their choice of hotels, how service could be made better and how feedback needs to be further enhanced if they have suggestions. Build trust, be precise rather than beating around the bush when it comes to selling new ideas, or ideas that need to be tested in the market to see how it may work, this is where approaches like cross-selling can go a long way!

Reward them for their responses! Provide incentives, utilize their ideas and build better strategies that can be effectively executed.

Work on providing a total experience! Be there with them from the time of booking till the time they checkout! Keep monitoring the activities of both your internal and external environment, your industry, your suppliers, your employees, your customers and your potential partners.

It is when you get the customers on the right track, you will instantly be aware of your next move!


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