Oct 16, 2017 | by Minahil
Use social media to your advantage!

Hotel brands, popular or not need some sort of recognition, one way or another. There is a lot of talk regarding branding the right way and what not, however less focus on how to exactly do it ‘the right way’.

Considering various hotel businesses, it is necessary you look for convenient methods that would help you in reaching a larger audience. You need potential customers as much as you would need loyal or sustainable customers.

Considering the reality of today, with the current technology taking over man power, labor, conventional methods of operating in a company or a business, we need to be aware of our technological environment, much as we would be aware of other corporate external environments.

Communication platforms! One that is engaging yet also effective in terms of getting your message through. Regent Plaza Karachi comes under the hotel names that do focus on a proficient social media strategy for their brand.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram can be utilized to make a better online presence. Regent Plaza not only has a presence on SNS (Social Networking Sites) but they also have engaged with other B2B ventures to increase their bookings such as an online hotel booking website as Jovago.

Be aware of the online sources and mediums that could help you in executing the best digital media strategy and brand image. These days even Youtube is being utilized as a monetization tool. You would see advertisements before videos and brands sending out their messages to the targeted customers that they track through other relevant online tools. Ramada hotel Karachi for instance has been applying this strategy.

Where Youtube would require a different form of communication platform, more advanced and visual, Pinterest may require a more general yet still visual but picturesque form of communication. Every platform requires content relevant to it, there are different audiences that are on different platforms. Clear messages are a must!

Tracking the right customer for the offer, discount, hotel, room whatever be the case, can play up to a greater advantage!

Through social media you can not only build awareness but also build understanding amongst target and potential audience. Information acquisition can also be worked upon. Building profitable relationships with partners or vendors can also be made possible by highlighting brand image and personality.

Build relevant strategies by having realistic goals in mind. Decide what platforms would work well with your strategies and then think of the content. Avari Towers Karachi focus on a more proactive approach when it comes to highlighting their services on social media, video snippets, cuisines offered in their restaurants, they also showcase the different cities where their restaurants are residing in such as the Avari Hotel Karachi and Avari Hotel Lahore. The reviews are proof enough that it is going well for them when it comes to building a social media presence which is also being utilized to build positive word of mouth.

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