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Fat burning cocktails

Looking for a magic pill for extra pounds? Why, if you have fat-burning cocktails! Make them at home from available products, enjoy the taste and rejoice in decreasing volumes!

In the fight against excess weight, all means are good. And although every person who wants to lose weight hopes to find a panacea that will allow him to become slim and fit without physical exertion and food restrictions, everyone comes to the same conclusion: there is none. However, there are tools that will easily and pleasantly help you achieve your goal, and one of them is cleansing cocktails.
How they work

Different foods have different effects on the human body. By choosing them correctly in your diet, you can lose weight by speeding up your metabolism and normalizing digestion processes. On this principle, there are fat-burning cocktails: they necessarily contain components, such as fiber, which help to satisfy hunger or speed up metabolism.

Almost all smoothie recipes contain the following ingredients:

Water. Naturally, it does not help to lose weight, but its deficiency triggers the process of fluid storage in the body, which leads to edema and metabolic disorders.
Dairy. They provide the body with vitamin D, which is necessary to activate the processes of destruction of adipose tissue in the body.
Vegetables and fruits. Most of them contain almost no calories, but are rich in useful substances. They will help you satisfy your hunger without any unpleasant consequences.
Oatmeal. It contains fiber, which swells when it enters the stomach, so you do not feel hungry. It also maintains the level of glucose in the body, the deficiency of which causes cravings for sweets.
Green tea. The benefits of green tea for weight loss are obvious, because it perfectly tones the body, and also requires a lot of energy to digest.

As you can see, these are low-calorie foods, which means that cocktails will be an excellent substitute for any snack.

This is how they should be perceived: you do not go on a diet, but simply drink delicious drinks from vegetables, herbs and fruits instead of eating a roll, cheese or other “metabolic junk” product.

Recipes for weight loss at home

Any diet cocktail can be bought at a specialty store or cafe, but it is much better to make it yourself. So you can not only monitor the freshness of the products used and accurately follow the recipe, but also save a lot of money.

Basically, all fat-burning drinks that are prepared in a blender based on fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and dairy products are divided into 2 groups: detoxifying or cleansing, and protein or nutritional.
Detox cocktails

One of the important components of the process of losing weight is cleansing the body of toxins and toxins. Detox cocktails do an excellent job with this function. Usually they are prepared from the juice of vegetables, fruits, fresh or frozen berries, herbs, spices. You can dilute drinks with plain water, tea or dairy products.

By consuming healthy vegetables and fruits in this form, you get more benefit from them, so they are easier to perceive and digest, and you can always mask an unpleasant taste.

You can drink detox drinks at any time of the day, however, some of them are high in acid. They should be consumed only after meals – after 20-30 minutes. And they are not intended to replace main meals, but you can drink them instead of snacks.

fresh cocktail

Grind a bunch of fresh herbs to your taste with a blender. Add to it a banana and freshly squeezed juice of one orange or grapefruit. Blend them in a blender until smooth.

Green detox smoothie

Peel cucumber, celery and apple, cut into small cubes. Add to them half a glass of sour berries and a little spinach. Grind all ingredients and mix. If desired, you can dilute the mass with mineral or drinking water, kefir.

red smoothie

Place raw beets, carrots, radishes, garlic cloves and parsley in a blender bowl. Mix them until a homogeneous mass is obtained. To change the taste, you can add 60 ml of lemon juice.
Protein shakes

Nutritious drinks that are high in complex carbohydrates and other micronutrients, including protein compounds, are called protein drinks. They are often drunk by bodybuilders and bodybuilders to build muscle mass. However, they can also help in weight loss.

To get rid of extra pounds, protein shakes can only be used in combination with sports.

They help to lose weight due to saturation with healthy carbohydrates, which, unlike empty ones, are well absorbed by the body. In addition, such drinks perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger.

Do not try to go on a diet only from nutrient mixtures – it is optimal to replace one meal with a cocktail or dilute 2, but no more. At the same time, it is important to correctly select them according to the type of action. So, protein drinks for weight loss are:

protein – with eggs or milk;
vitamin – with fruits and berries;
energy – with coffee or nuts.

Today, protein shakes can be bought at the store or made on your own.


Protein nutritional shakes

vanilla milk

Mix 100 grams of fat-free and low-fat cottage cheese in a blender with ¾ cup of milk until smooth. Add vanilla to taste and beat.


Combine a glass of milk with 2 raw eggs and add chopped parsley or dill. Mix.

Vitamin protein drinks


Mix 2 tablespoons of sprouted oats and the same amount of cranberries or lingonberries with a pack of low-fat cottage cheese. Add half a glass of water and beat until smooth.


For half a glass of yogurt, take 2 tablespoons of strawberries and currants and one of honey. Combine the ingredients in a blender bowl and mix.

Energy Nutritional Shake


Mix a glass of milk with one raw egg, half a teaspoon of coffee and an equal amount of chopped fresh mint. Whisk the cocktail until smooth.

Blender Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie – a drink made from crushed and even a little whipped with dairy products or juice of fruits and vegetables. It is impossible to make it by hand – for this you need a blender. But this is not the only cooking rule, there are others:

Only fresh ingredients must be used.
Vegetables with a rough texture are best subjected to a mild heat treatment before chopping.
Frozen berries are allowed to thaw slightly before being placed in a blender.
All smoothie ingredients are cut into pieces, and only then put in a mixing bowl.
Cocktail ingredients are first crushed, and then liquid is added to them and re-mixed.

Often fruits, vegetables and herbs are used in cocktails at once, but there are also drinks in which these food groups are separated.

To get all the trace elements and vitamins necessary for the body, you need to eat about 2 kilos of vegetables daily. Naturally, this is not so easy to do, due to the volume of such an amount of food. Yes, and taste preferences are different for everyone – not every person wants to give up their usual diet.

There is a way out – to drink vegetable cocktails prepared in a blender. Moreover, they not only benefit the body, but also contribute to weight loss, as they contain almost no calories and accelerate metabolic processes in the human body.

How to cook

The easiest way to prepare vegetable smoothies is from celery, cucumbers, zucchini, as they initially have a soft texture. More dense vegetables: carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas can be boiled for a couple of minutes to make them softer. But potatoes, beets need to be boiled for about 10 minutes before being placed in a blender.

If you do not want to cook vegetables, use their canned counterparts. Keep in mind that in this case you will need twice the volume than indicated in the recipe.

Smoothies can be diluted with water, kefir or vegetable juices. It is best to use freshly squeezed juice: tomato, beetroot, carrot or celery. But if you do not have the opportunity to make it – buy high-quality industrial drinks with a minimum content of preservatives.


Smoothie with spinach

Take 70 grams of broccoli, 200 grams of canned spinach and one small apple. Cut them up and chop them up. Add a pinch of salt and 60 ml of carrot juice, then mix everything together for about a minute at high speed.

Beet smoothie

You will need one small beetroot, a bell pepper, a fresh cucumber, and a couple of celery stalks. Chop them up and blend them in a blender until smooth.

Summer light cocktail

3-5 cherry tomatoes, 1 small cucumber, chop half a stalk of celery. Add dill, half a grated garlic clove and 150 ml of kefir to them. Mix everything.

Spicy vegetable smoothie

Boil one medium-sized potato and the same amount of broccoli. Warm up 150 ml of milk. Pour half of the liquid into a blender bowl, add vegetables, half a clove of garlic, a small piece of cheese, a pinch of curry, turmeric and salt. Mix everything until you get a homogeneous mass. Add the remaining milk and stir for about 30 seconds more.

Fruit cocktails have a pleasant taste and light texture. They are especially pleasant to drink in the summer, as they are very refreshing. However, at other times of the year, fruit smoothies will cheer you up and help your body in the fight against excess weight, since such a drink contains almost no calories.

Fruit contains a lot of sugar, and therefore fruit smoothie recipes do not require its separate addition. This is because excessive consumption can lead to high blood sugar levels.


grapefruit smoothie

Put half a banana in the freezer for 20 minutes. After that, peel half of the grapefruit and tangerine, add a banana and a couple of tablespoons of lingonberries to them and mix until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

The body during the diet will not starve. The components of the smoothie contain all the trace elements he needs, and at the same time there are almost no calories.

There are several basic types of diet. The most popular of them:

Cleansing. It lasts 2-3 days, during which you can drink any smoothies containing greens, but you should also pay attention to other components: in the morning you need to make cocktails from fruits, and in the evening – from vegetables. Allows you to get rid of 2-3 kilograms and cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.
Weekly. The most difficult diet, lasting 7 days. In it, all cocktails should be of medium density, and drinks based on milk, kefir, fresh juice and water must be present in the daily diet. For a week of such nutrition, you can lose 5-6 kilos.
Three days. For this diet, it is worth picking up liquid cocktails. For 3 days of such nutrition, you can get rid of 2-3 kilograms.

Whatever diet you choose, know that healthy smoothies should be drunk immediately after they are prepared. In this case, you need to adhere to the system of 5-6 meals a day, where one serving is 200-250 ml of drink.

Pros and cons

This diet has many benefits:

improves the functioning of the digestive system;
the walls of the stomach do not stretch, and a habit is formed of frequent meals in small portions;
many combinations of flavors do not allow you to get fed up with products;
the body comes into tone, receiving the energy it needs without burdening;
for the course you can lose up to 5-8 kilograms.

However, it also has its contraindications. You can not follow a strict diet:

pregnant women and nursing mothers;
people with kidney and liver diseases;
people who suffer from eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, and so on.

It is difficult to follow such a diet if you spend a lot of time away from home or are used to having lunch with friends, colleagues, since drinks cannot be prepared for future use. In this case, you will have to change your habits for a while and lead a more solitary lifestyle in order to avoid worries.

Reviews and results of those who have lost weight

Elena, 23 years old

For me, weight loss is an ongoing process. Since childhood, I was a complete child and was never able to achieve a truly slender figure from myself. Having tried a lot of diets and exercise complexes, I came to the conclusion that I will always have to live from weight loss to weight loss.

At some point, I found a description of slimming cocktails and decided that this is a rather pleasant way to lose weight, which is worth trying. After 2 weeks of replacing one of the meals with a fat-burning drink, I noticed how the sides and “ears” on the hips decreased slightly, and after another 2 weeks, how the entire body line became more even.

I’ve been drinking cocktails for six months now. I managed to get rid of 11 kilograms, and I’m not gaining weight. I’m already so used to smoothies that they’ve become a normal part of my diet and I love it.

Rita, 33 years old

I want to share my impressions of the diet on fat-burning cocktails. I sat on it for 2 weeks, replacing breakfast and dinner with detox shakes and just light smoothies. During this time, I managed to throw off 6 kilograms and at the same time I feel great.

At the exit from the diet, I realized that I was so used to drinking fruit juices that now I can’t refuse them. In general, I start my day with a diluted fresh juice or bran cocktail.

Inna, 41 years old

In the summer, I always make water with lemon and mint, as it is tasty and quenches thirst well. When I found a recipe for sassi water, I decided to try it, as the recipe is similar to a cocktail that I already loved.

I lost 3 kilos in the first 2 weeks. And this despite the fact that she did not change anything in her life: she moved and ate as usual. A month later, others began to notice the effect – I noticeably lost weight, and in general my well-being improved.

Alena, 26 years old

I work in a cafe and I constantly see all sorts of cakes and other sweets. At the same time, I myself simply adore sweets, and at the end of the day I cannot deny myself the pleasure of eating them. Naturally, I have problems with the figure. At some point, a friend told me about this water. I started making it and drinking it at work and almost immediately noticed how my hunger disappeared, and my passion for sweets dulled.

In a month I lost almost 5 kilos, and in the second, after the break, another 4. Now I’m just taking a break, but the effect of the drink remains – it doesn’t pull on sweets.